Project Kindness Board Members

Student Chair

Edmond O'Donnell

Hello, my name is Ed. I am a fourth-year student and love living in New York with my wife and son. Project Kindness has been a great way to volunteer, and the advice I’ve received from patients about what they appreciate in their doctor has been a wonderful guide.

Michael Curley

My name is Mike and I am a first-year medical student at Einstein, born and raised in Massachusetts. I am a lifelong runner and spend a lot of my time running around and exploring the Bronx and New York. I have found Project Kindness to be a great way to learn more about the people that our school and hospitals serve and to spread positive energy to our patients!

Kainaat Javed

I am a second-year medical student at AECOM and also one of the board members of Project Kindness. I was born and raised in New York City (go Big Apple!) I am an avid food enthusiast and you can always find me in a corner somewhere with my nose buried in a book! Being a Project Kindness volunteer is very meaningful to me. Spending time with patients brightens my day and gives me a sense of satisfaction because it allows me to have a positive influence on someone’s life even in my preclinical years.

Yonatan Mehlman

My name is Yonatan and I am a second-year MD student from Long Island. As a volunteer for Project Kindness, I try my best to be a comforting presence for patients in their time of need. Through Project Kindness I have been able to see “person behind the patient".

Michaelyn Nguyen

I am a second year medical student, originally from Orange County, California. I enjoy spending time outside in all types of forms: hiking, kayaking, SUP, running. When I'm not on an adventure of my own, I love listening to the tales of others, and Project Kindness has given me that opportunity to connect with patients on a human level. Hearing their stories about their lives and their travels reminds me that medicine centers around the care of another human being.

Elliot Shulman

My name is Elliot and I'm a second year medical student at Einstein. I've enjoyed and gained immensely from my time in Project Kindness. Sitting down with patients and talking about their life-stories or hearing how doctors approach difficult conversations they have with their patients, I appreciate all the more the humanistic element of medicine.

Grant Sprow

My name is Grant and I’m a first year MD student at Einstein. I’m originally from Tampa, Fl. and went to Harvard University for undergrad where I majored in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. I’m excited to be more involved in Project Kindness as a member of the Board.

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