To become a Project Kindness volunteer, all new volunteers must follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Training Session


In order to become a Project Kindness Volunteer and visit patients at Weiler Hospital, you must attend a training session or have watched the training video. Director Joan Junger leads the training session during the beginning of the school year. Our training provides an overview of Project Kindness and the program expectations.

If you missed the training session, please follow the training video here. The password is videoaccess.


Step 2: Fill out the volunteer profile


After you attend the training session or have watched the training video, you must fill out the volunteer profile. You will then be added to our system to become an active volunteer.




Step 3: Sign up to volunteer


Through this system, you log in and set up your own schedule. Choose whatever times are available for you here.


*There are no set amount of hours you must commit to volunteering.



The time slots will be set as hourly slots to select, but the time will range from 15 – 20 minutes per patient depending on the circumstances.  Use your judgment to know when it's best to end the conversation. Depending on your schedule you can visit two to three patients during your time at the hospital. You can visit the hospital from 12pm – 9pm and choose the time which is most convenient for you.


You can pick up some helpful materials from the Project Kindness cabinet. Inside the cabinet, you will find


These materials will ensure you'll be a fantastic volunteer and the experience will be a pleasant one for all parties involved.


Your Voices

"I had another amazing visit with a patient through Project Kindness. It is always an enriching experience to speak with patients and hear their stories- so far I am loving project kindness!"- Elizabeth Fruchter 2018

"Today's project kindness visit was one of my favorite medical experiences thus far! I talked with a young woman, about my age, who is going through so much. Yet, she had an amazing attitude and great insight. When I asked her what advice she might have for me a future physician, she said, "be humble and listen." Such great advice! And Project Kindness is a great medium for practicing these traits."- Patience Gallagher, 2017

"I had a great time talking to the patient and I felt very comfortable during the experience. The nurse was helpful and kind. I felt that I learned how to better communicate with patients."

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