Don’t we already visit patients through ICM?


Project Kindness differs from ICM, as students can participate in this voluntary program throughout the 4-year curriculum. Students do not wear their white coats while participating in Project Kindness. The purpose of this program is to visit, listen to, and respectfully acknowledge any comments or needs that may improve the experience of patients and their families.


What is the time commitment? 


There is no time commitment. We designed this program to be completely flexible to your schedule. 


When can I visit patients?


You can visit patients every day from 12pm-9pm for at least an hour. You can schedule your visits whenever it's convenient for you. Please give us at least 24 hours notice. 


How many patients will I see during my visit?


It depends on you and the patient. We recommend 15-20 minutes per patient. Some patients may want to spend more time with you, others may want less. Please remember that the patients need to rest; in those cases, visits may be shorter. Generally, you can see 3-4 patients in a given hour. 


Where do I go to visit patients?


You will be going to Einstein Campus- Weiler Hospital, a division of Montefiore Medical Center. You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before your visit with details about the unit and location.


How many times do I have to attend a mandatory training session?


You are required to attend the mandatory training once. 



Which patients will I be visiting?


Our focus for now are on elderly patients since they rarely receive visitors. We wish to extend kindness to them with your help. 



How would this help me become a better doctor?


You will truly become a better listener. Project Kindness helps you to hone in on one of the most important skills a doctor needs, the art of communication and connection. Throughout our program, you will continue to understand what it really feels like to be a patient as well as continue to crystallize the skills you’ve acquired over the course of your education. Lastly, and most importantly, by volunteering and visiting patients, you will be reminded why you wanted to be a doctor in the first place.



Will it be worth It?


There is nothing like giving for the sake of giving. During this rewarding experience, you will provide patients with companionship, emotional support, respect and kindness. The Office of Student Affairs feels strongly about this volunteer effort to the point that they have agreed to include your participation in your MSPE.



How should I prepare myself for visiting patients for the first time?


Although the first time or two may feel awkward, it will get easier over time. We have some goodies to make things pleasant for you and patients: 




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