Project Kindness is a faculty mentored program that allows unlimited access for Einstein medical students to visit patients at Weiler Hospital. From the minute they walk into medical school (after a training session) they can sign up to make “citizen” visits. This program was created by students for students- with an advisory panel of students active in decision making.  



Project Kindness is a prophylactic coat of armor to ensure students keep the passion they walked into medical school with.  It provides students the opportunities to see patients as humans with stories and not just as bodies with ailments. One of the most important characteristics of a quality physician is a good communicator- Project Kindness visits enable students to hone their communication skills in a no pressure environment.  


              Benefits of Being a Project Kindness Volunteer


  • Opportunities to develop and practice communication skills

  • Learn to understand the patient experience

  • A no pressure environment to meet with patients – no preceptor or critiquing

  • Maintain the passion students entered medical school with

  • Receive quality advice from actual patients

  • A sense of goodwill helping a patient for altruistic reasons



With no time commitment for the students, you can make the program work for yourself. You fit the visits into your schedule and are able to sign up with just a 24 hour notice. The program is all about making it work for the students and for the benefit of the students.




Future Doctors Visiting Current Patients


What Students Are Saying:


"Today's project kindness visit was one of my favorite medical experiences thus far! I talked with a young woman, about my age, who is going through so much. Yet, she had an amazing attitude and great insight. When I asked her what advice she might have for me a future physician, she said, "be humble and listen." Such great advice! And Project Kindness is a great medium for practicing these traits."


- Patience Gallagher, 2017

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